What We Do


Blake and Squire Media’s mission is to create and curate bold and unique stories which have emotional resonance and international appeal. We want our audiences to care about viewing our projects as much as we do about making them.

We search for narratives based on truth which we can tell from a fresh angle and translate it to the best medium be it stage, screen or digital.

We treat every story with love, care, attention and passion but at the heart of what we develop is programming which connects with audiences around the world.


We are already developing stories we can tell on the road which we know our target audiences will want to come out and experience. We want our audiences dancing in the aisles as well as queuing at the box office!

Some productions will be spin-offs of our programme concepts, others will be standalone but we will always have a 360 approach. Our award winning in-house publicity team will get the message out there so tickets at venues sell to maximum capacity.


We are always looking for stories with broad appeal which can be told from a unique angle. For example, we are currently producing an original Documentary on the Queen of the Raunchy Novels, the late great Jackie Collins. We have several celebrity-authored immersive documentaries in development.


We aim to develop original drama from new talent giving a voice to a new generation of writers with fresh stories to tell. Each of our current drama development projects will strike a chord with the target audience offering progressive angles on classic themes or an innovative premise and edgy production values.